COVID infection rates are currently at very low levels and it is anticipated that the rate of serious illness will remain low and the COVID Booster jab will provide additional protection for almost all of the congregation. Therefore, the COVID Planning Group have decided that almost all of the current restrictions can be removed. However, COVID has not totally gone away so if you test positive or have COVID symptoms, which these days include cold-like symptoms, please do not attend a service or any other church activity. There will be some people who wish to continue with some safeguards e.g. wearing a face mask and/or no physical contact. We would ask that you continue to respect that.

In summary the new arrangements are:

We are able to share the peace however we wish, whilst respecting those who wish to share the peace without physical contact.

Communion will continue to be wafers served at the front. However, for those who wish, wine will also be offered. This will be by the presiding minister dipping the edge of the wafer in a cup of wine before handing it to the communicant. This process is called Intinction. For COVID safety reasons, only the priest will perform the Intinction. If you prefer to take the wafer without the wine, this is perfectly fine. The minister presiding will explain how this will work.

As pretty much all restrictions have been lifted the COVID Planning Group is disbanding. If the situation unexpectedly deteriorates, it will reform to review the risks and take appropriate action. The Group would like to thank all of you for your cooperation and help in what has been an unusual and unsettling time.

St Andrew’s Covid Planning Group


For those who do not want to or cannot come to a live church service please read on

We live-stream the Sunday morning service whenever possible, depending on the availability of sound deck help. The service will go out on YouTube. We no longer put the service out on FaceBook

Here's a link to the YouTube Church video page