Baptism (Christening) is the special service where we welcome someone into the church family.

Christian Baptism was instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ as a symbolic sign for those who believed in Him and wanted to be his followers. We baptise children on the basis that they will be brought up to know about Jesus, and the promises that were made on their behalf. We pray that later in life when children come to a mature faith they will confirm their belief in Jesus in a the public ceremony of "Confirmation".


Getting married is one of the most important decisions we will ever make. For many people it is the most important day of their life. There are all sorts of decisions to be made about how that marriage is to be celebrated including where to get married.

Order of Service

Many couples like to have their own special Order of Service printed for the occasion. It is a special memento that helps to recapture the atmosphere and key moments of the service.

Choosing Music for your Wedding


Music plays a very important part in your Wedding. It is customary to have:

  • organ music played for the entrance of the Bride
  • organ music for the Wedding March at the end
  • 2 to 3 hymns or songs during the service
  • either a piece of organ music or a soloist during the signing of the register

Suggested Bible Readings for the Service

You should have a Bible reading during your service. The following readings are suggested by the Church of England.

Here we answer common questions about getting married at St Andrews.