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For a really comprehensive description of the architecture of St.Andrew's church visit the splendid account on the website of the Haughton-Le-Skerne residents association, Haughton Hub.

St Andrew's is part of the family of the Church of England, based in Haughton-le-Skerne. Haughton is an ancient village, which is now part of Darlington, a town with an exciting and vibrant life in the north east of England.

St. Andrew's Church is Grade 1 listed c1125 of Norman origin but probably on a Saxon site, and has been at the heart of the community for more than a thousand years, making it the oldest Church in Darlington.

It is noted for 17th Century Cosin woodwork, oak-gated pews, pulpits and wall panelling, examples of which are now rare in Co. Durham. 

The windows are from four architectural periods. Some Saxon stone relics are present within the church. Changes of rooflines and transept additions occurred in 1895. Look out for hatchments, the Royal Coat of Arms, the Parkinson brass (a sad story), Maundy money and the Emmaus window.

Our church aspires to be forward thinking, ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century so, in the last decade, re-ordering has taken place to meet the needs of 21st century worship whilst enhancing the heritage.

The church will be open for prayer, reflection and heritage visits every Wednesday 10.00am to 4.00pm from June to November (we will modify if Wednesday Communion restarts). Occasional services may override this. The church office will be able to check on availability for you.

We will also open for National Heritage Open Days in September on Sunday 11th and 18th Sept. at 1pm-4pm (again, working around any baptisms).