Graphic: Come Worship with us

The usual pattern for Sunday morning services is an 8:45am service and a 10:45am service. These may be Holy Communion, "Service of the Word" or on the first Sunday on the month an "All Age" or "Parade" service when the uniformed organisations attend.

However from time to time this may be changed. Please check the "Latest News" for service times in the current month.

In addition during the August holiday month, there is usually only one morning service at 10:00am.

5th. Sunday arrangements.

When there is a fifth Sunday in the month we have one service at 10:00am, which is followed by some sort of shared parish lunch in the church hall.

This can be a great time to meet folks who don't normally come to "your service" to meet each other.

This service is for those who enjoy quiet, more traditional worship. It is reflective in style and aims to be no more than an hour in length.

On the first Sunday the service is a said service with sermon. On other Sundays there is a full compliment of hymns and sermon.The singing is led by the church organ or by a small music group. After the service coffee and biscuits are served in the church hall across the road,

This "early" morning service follows the weekly pattern shown below, but see "Latest News" or "Church Calendar" to check for changes in the current month.

  • 1st Sunday: Said Holy Communion.
  • 2nd Sunday: Morning Service of the Word.
  • 3rd & 4th Sundays: Holy Communion, with music.

The 10:45am service caters for people of all ages, with a wider variety of musical styles led by our Music and Worship Group.

The service has a variety of worship patterns and styles, from contemporary to traditional music and services. It plays a key role in the encouragement of Christian discipleship for the majority of our members.  Generally on the Ist Sunday of the month the "All Age Service" is led by the young people's "JAM" = "Jesus & Music" band.

After church coffee and biscuits are served in the church hall across the road.

The normal weekly pattern for services is show below, but see "Latest News" or "Church Calendar" to check for changes to the current months services.

There are no regular evening services at St.Andrew's on a Sunday but there are afternoon and evening services from time to time, some of these monthly, others at less frequent intervals. These are normally listed in the "Latest News" section of the website as they come due, or in our "Calendar of Events".

The occasional afternoon/evening services include:-

  • A "Memorial Service" for the recently bereaved (twice a year, often in May and November), which includes prayer for each family we have recently ministered to.
  • A service of "Prayer and Laying on of Hands" for the sick.
  • The popular Christmas "Nine Lessons and Carols" service in December.
  • "Prayer First". A time of informal prayer for the world and the church held at on the first Sunday of the month. This may take place in the church hall.

Music plays an important role in worship at St Andrew's and our services are supported by several music groups who reflect the style of worship at each service.

At the majority of the early morning services there is an organist or keyboard player often with a small group of singers to help lead the 
worship. At the 10:45 service there is usually a worship band with keyboard, instrumentalists and singers.  Once a month our talented younger people lead the worship at this service.

Musicians also support other services such as Family@4 and Tea and Praise.

We are always on the look out for people interested in helping with the music in church.  If you are a singer or an instrumentalist and would like to play with us, please get in touch.

Tea and Praise is held on the second Sunday of the month at Oban Court, Whinbush Way, Darlington and starts at 3pm.

This is the ideal place for those who find themselves on their own on a Sunday afternoon and would like the opportunity for some good company and a chance to have a chat, some home-made cakes and a friendly cuppa.

We meet in church at 4pm on the 4th Sunday of the month for a fun-filled 45 minutes of music, craft and fun together learning about God and Jesus. Afterwards we meet in the church hall for a party tea, usually with plenty of cake, crisps and chocolate!

Please note Family@4 does not take place in August or December. For services in the current month see the "Latest News".