- a roundup of news from St.Andrew's

New to St. Andrew's? Not to worry!

You'll find a variety of styles in our worship and plenty of folks to help you get into things. You'll enjoy the friendly atmosphere, lively music, and helpful sermons.

  • Here's a list of the forthcoming Sunday services for the next few weeks.
  • For an overview of all our Sunday services see the Sunday Service page

Sunday 2nd December. ADVENT SUNDAY

   Holiness in Revelation - Hopes and Dreams.
   Revelation 21:1-4. 22:1-5. Matthew 12:15-21.

8:45am. Holy Communion.
   Lead/Preach: Stoker Wilson.
10:45am. All Age Service.
   Lead/Preach: Gill Jones/Mark East.
12:45pm. Baptisms. Mark East.

Sunday 9th December. ADVENT 2

   CMS Link Visit. Partnering in the Gospel with Catherine Lee
   Philippians 1:3-11. Luke 3:1-6.

8:45am. Service of the Word.
   Lead/Preach: Muriel Jones/Catherine Lee.
10:45am. Holy Communion.
   Lead/Preach: Mark East/Catherine Lee.
3:00pm. (Oban Court) Tea & Praise.
   Lead/Preach: John Kendrick/Catherine Lee.

Do you enjoy singing Christmas Carols?

If so why not join us at various venues around our area. Of particular importance are our visits to Care Homes in the Parish to bring some Christmas cheer to the residents.

Our visits are always welcomed and appreciated. Wrap up well with appropriate clothing.

We provide the carol sheets, you provide the harmonious voices.

  • Carol Singing Monday 17th,  from 6:30pm.
    We meet at 
    Oak Lodge Care Home then on to The Grange & Oban Court Homes.
  • Carol Singing Wednesday 19th, at 6:30pm.
    We join with folks from St.Andrew's Sadberge Village, starting at the Buck Inn.
  • Carol Singing, Thursday 20th, from 6:30pm
    We meet at
     Springfield Care Home on then on to Riverside View Home.

If you can't get to the start then make your way to one of the intermediate points.


All you need to know about Christmas services!

Christmas draws closer and most families will be into planning for this joyful event, and so within the church. We'll be having all the usual events that folk have come to love so well; these include the following. 

The Scratch Nativity Service. A good service for all but especially the children. Unlike the nativity services of a past time in which everything was rehearsed endlessly and everyone was on tenterhooks about whether the children would remember their lines, this service has very little preparation. Roles in the play are allocated on the morning as people arrive. We provide the costumes and props, though you can bring you own if you wish - a shepherd, an angel a king? If you want your child to take part come early enough to be allocated a part and get dressed up. Then, following a script presented by a narrator, we work through the story of the first Christmas with lots of prompting, song and laughter. It's a happy story after all.

Sunday 16th December at 10:45

St. Andrew's Food Bank exists to provide food for people in need. If you find you cannot provide food for your family, whatever the reason, the Food Bank can help to tide you over until you're on your feet again.

The Food Bank is normally open every week. Call at St Andrew's Church Hall off Haughton Greeen, on a Thursday afternoon, 1:30 to 2:30pm.

We are always looking for more donors to replenish our supplies! Will you help?

We are giving out over 100 tins a week, the average week is 14 bags, with 8 tins/bag. Please add a couple of tins to your shopping this week -soup, beans, tomatoes, fish, meat, fruit and vegatables are all needed.

If you can help us please drop off your contributions at the church office any weekday morning or contact the church office to arrange a pick up. Thank you to all our contributers whose generosity is priceless. 

For more information see our Food Bank Page.