New to St. Andrew's? Not to worry! All our services are "user friendly"; you'll find a warm welcome, a variety of styles and plenty of folks to help you.

The Sunday morning services in September and October are largely based on the theme "God is Closer than you think" using material from the book of the same name by Frank Ortberg. (For an overview of all our Sunday services see the Sunday Service page.)

8th October. TRINITY 17 

God is closer than you think – 4. Listening to the Voice of God
   Galatians 5:16-26, John 10:1-10.
8:45am. Service of the Word
   Lead/Preach: Mark East
10:45am. Holy Communion
   Lead/Preach: Mark East
3:00pm. Tea & Praise. Oban Court Residential Home.

15th October. TRINITY 18

God is closer than you think – 5. God Wants a Relationship with You.
   Romans 8:5-17, John 1:1-14.
8:45am. Holy Communion
   Lead/Preach: Stoker Wilson
10:45am. Service of the Word
   Lead/Preach: Pauline Young
2:45pm. Baptisms. Sue Chew
6:30pm. Service of prayer and laying on of hands for healing

22nd October. TRINITY 19

God is closer than you think – 6. Heaven Breaking Through.
   Colossians 3:12-17, Luke 6:27-36.
8:45am. Service of the Word
   Lead/Preach: Muriel Jones
10:45am. Holy Communion
   Lead/Preach: Stoker Wilson
4:00pm. St. Andrew’s Family@4. Messy church service for families and young folks.
   Followed by scrumptious Tea in the church hall


Bible Sunday.
   Psalm 119:89-104, Luke 4:14-21.
10.30am. Joint Holy Communion Service
   (Only one morning service today, followed by shared lunch in church hall)
Lead/Preach: Mark East