St.Andrew's during the Covid-19 pandemic

This page gives up-to-date information about our church's response to the coronavirus pandemic


Monday 25th April. Arrangements for services from 1st May

COVID infection rates are beginning to fall from their all-time high but they continue to be at very high levels in our region. As you will know, many people of our church family, who have avoided catching COVID since the start of the pandemic have caught it in the last few weeks. Therefore, the COVID group have assessed that for May, we need to maintain our current restrictions which are:

If you test positive or have COVID symptoms, which these days include cold-like symptoms, do not attend a service or any other church activity.

It is no longer be necessary to wear a face covering in church although if you wish to continue to wear one, you should feel free to do so. This is permission rather than an instruction! We will continue to use every other pew.

Communion will continue to be wafers served to you in your seat by the minister.

It is no longer necessary to wear a face covering when enjoying refreshments after the service and the hall maximum safe capacity has been increased. However, please sit at a table of no more than six people, when you have received your coffee/tea as this is still safer than standing in groups.

For security reasons, the Church Hall door will remain closed, including during office hours, when no-one is using the Hall. Please use the doorbell or ring the office number when you arrive. Please do not come to the office if you have tested positive or have COVID symptoms. Face coverings are not required but please note that there will be maximum of 3 people allowed in the office at any one time. If the office is full, please wait outside or in the Hall until it is safe to enter.

The St Andrew’s Covid Planning Group will review these arrangements again in May. We thank everyone for their continued cooperation and understanding.

St Andrew’s Covid Planning Group

What's on:

  • The church office is open in the morning, but with social distancing in operation. Peferably email or phone the office rather than visit.
  • The Live Sunday service is at 10:00am.
  • Refreshments are available after the Sunday morning service.
  • We record the Sunday morning service to be put up on YouTube later in the day.  See the Current Sunday Worship news page for more information.
  • "Coffee, Cakes & Conversation" meet on the 3rd Tuesday at 1:00pm.
  • The Thursday Food Bank continues but with procedures for distribution to help maintain social distancing.
  • A Coffee morning meets on the third Saturday from 10:00 to 12noon.

What's Not on:

  • The Church is not open at the moment except for Live Sunday services.This includes the normal Wednesday manned openings.
  • Most regular church groups and meetings have been canceled in accordance with the requirement to maintain social distancing.
    these include, ABC parents & children, Boathouse cafe, LadiesWhatLunch, Ladies Guild, Monday Craft Group, MenMeet and Girls Aloud.
  • All Discipleship and Home groups meeting in various homes are canceled.


 * The WhatsApp "Chat Room" group.

WhatsApp is a messaging app installed on a smartphone. It uses your mobile telephone number as a means of identification. Once setup you can quickly, easily and securely send a message to any other person who also uses WhatsApp. The app is free to download and using it costs nothing other than any data charges you may occur in using your phone.

A WhatsApp group is a grouping of WhatsApp users who are able to message within the group and all members share posted messages. The new Group is called "St.Andrew. Chat Room." Any message sent to the group will be forwarded to all the members of the group. It is hoped that members of the group will be able to respond to calls for help.

During the Covid pandemic benefits of the group to us as a church community include:

  • If, as a result of Covid-19, you have to self-isolate you can call on other church members to support you. For example, if you need some shopping to be done or prescriptions collected these can be brought to your door.
  • If you find yourself short of over the counter medicines like paracetamol others may have some to share.
  • We can quickly keep people in touch with the latest developments in the church as the situation unfolds.

If you would like to become a member of this new Group, or if you need help to get started with WhatsApp please let us know, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once WhatsApp is installed on your smart phone all we need is you mobile phone number.

Important Note re. WhatsApp: Integral to WhatsApp is your mobile phone number. If any other member of the group does not have your number in their contact list, any message you send will display with your phone number. If you ask to belong to the group it will be deemed you have given approval for your phone number to be visible to others. If this is unacceptable please don't use the group.