Fortunately, we appear to be past the current peak in infections and thankfully hospital admissions and deaths remain low for our area. Therefore, the St Andrew’s COVID Planning Group believe that we can safely reduce some of the restrictions around Sunday services.

Therefore, from Sunday 5th. September:

What to expect as you come to church:

  • Sunday services will be open to more people, with alternate pews available for the congregation; a maximum of 6 people or 2 households in one pew.

  • Face coverings will continue to be required, as will hand sanitizer.

  • Congregational singing will be possible to recorded music.

  • Communion will continue to be wafers served to you in your seat by the minister.

  • Online Services will continue to be streamed on a Sunday morning.

  • We are looking to see whether we can reintroduce refreshments in the Hall after the services. We may not be able to do this after every service. There will be tables and seats laid out and you will be required to wear a face covering until you have collected your coffee or tea and sat down at a table.

For those who do not want to or cannot come to a live church service please read on

We are using social media to stream a service on a Sunday morning led by members of the church and broadcast from their own homes.

The Sunday morning on-line service is pre-recorded and goes out on our YouTube pages. Tune in for the notices at 10:00 for a 10:15am start.

Here's a link to the YouTube Church video page

Here's a link to the Facebook Church Prayer video page

  • If you’re not yet on Facebook, then why not set up an account, and get involved so you can pick up news and keep in contact especially if you’re feeling isolated.
  • You don't need to subscribe to YouTube to take part.
  • If you need help on how to use Facebook to watch video this website might be helpful.
  • If you have a casting device like Google Chromecast or similar you can cast to your TV for a better viewing experience.