All you need to know about Christmas services!

Christmas draws closer and most families will be into planning for this joyful event, and so within the church. We'll be having all the usual events that folk have come to love so well; these include the following. 

The Scratch Nativity Service. A good service for all but especially the children. Unlike the nativity services of a past time in which everything was rehearsed endlessly and everyone was on tenterhooks about whether the children would remember their lines, this service has very little preparation. Roles in the play are allocated on the morning as people arrive. We provide the costumes and props, though you can bring you own if you wish - a shepherd, an angel a king? If you want your child to take part come early enough to be allocated a part and get dressed up. Then, following a script presented by a narrator, we work through the story of the first Christmas with lots of prompting, song and laughter. It's a happy story after all.

Sunday 16th December at 10:45

The Service of Carols and Readings. In which we re-tell the Christmas story. Yes it's a familiar story but it's good to remind ourselves about God's love come to earth. A traditional service but not locked in the past, the carols and songs will include old favourites as well as some more modern ones. If you're a musician or singer you're very welcome to join our augmented music group for this service. Rehersals continue Fridays 7th & 14th December 7:30. More information from John Kendrick, or via the church office.

Sunday 16th December at 6:30pm.

The Christingle Services. Based on a service held every year by Moravian Christians in Europe, made popular by the Children's Society, the theme is that we give generously to children in need (Durham Family Welfare in our case), and in return are given a Christingle;   a decorated orange symbolic of the world and with a red ribbon symbolizing the loving sacrifice of Jesus. It's always a popular service just before Christmas Day so we hold it at two times. Come to either.

Monday 24th December, Christmas Eve at 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

The 1st Communion of Christmas. A Traditional communion service late on Christmas Eve and spanning the mid-night hour. For many the main Christmas service, and allowing people to come to communion and have the whole of Christmas day for family and friends.

Monday 24th December, Christmas Eve at 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

Christmas Day early Communion. An early Communion Service on Christmas Morning, for those who want to come to church on this special day, and still have a lot of the day spare for family and friends.

Tuesday 25th December, 8:00am.

Christmas Day All Age Communion. If you want to bring children to church on Christmas day itself this is for you. A lively Christmas communion, early enough not to monopolise the whole day, and short enough to get off home soon to open the presents and the great Christmas dinner you've been planning.

Tuesday 25th December, 10:00am.