New to St. Andrew's? Not to worry all our services are "user friendly"; you'll find a warm welcome, a variety of styles and plenty of folks to help you.


2nd July. TRINITY 3

Life in the Spirit: PRAYER
  Ephesians 6:18-20, Matthew 6:5-15.
8:45am. Holy Communion
  Lead/Preach: Mark East
10:45am. All Age Service
  Lead/Preach: Mark East/Gill Jones
12:45pm. Baptisms. Lead: Mark East
6.30 pm PRAYER FIRST - informal prayer in church

9th July. TRINITY 4

Life in the Spirit: SACRAMENTS
  1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Matthew 28:16-20.
8:45am. Service of the Word
  Lead/Preach: Sue Chew/Pauline Young
10:45am. Holy Communion
  Lead/Preach: Sue Chew/Pauline Young
3:00pm. Tea & Praise, at Oban Court

16th July. TRINITY 5

 Life in the Spirit: BIBLE
  2 Timothy 3:14-17, Luke 4:14-21

8:45am. Holy Communion
  Lead/Preach: Mark East/Helen Kendrick
10:45am. Service of the Word
  Lead/Preach: Mark East/Helen Kendrick
12:45pm. Baptisms. Lead: Sue Chew
6.30pm Healing Service
  This informal service offers a time of prayer and laying on of hands for all who are sick. Come along and jouin us either for yourself or for another.

23rd July. TRINITY 6

Life in the Spirit: SERVICE/MINISTRY
  Romans 12:4-18, Matthew 25:31-46
8:45am. Service of the Word
  Lead/Preach: Pauline Young/ Stoker Wilson
10:45am. Holy Communion
  Lead/Preach: Mark East/Stoker Wilson
4:00pm. Family @ 4 PICNIC
 At the end of another academic year the Family @4 celebrate with a great picnic


Life in the Spirit: FELLOWSHIP
  Hebrews 10:23-25, Mark 3:31-35

10.30am. Fifth Sunday Joint Service
  followed by lunch in the Church hall
  Lead/Preach: Pauline Young/Mark East